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Recuva Deep Scan hangs after reaching certain percentage


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I have a Vista Windows Home Premium laptop. Service Pack 2.

The Processor is Intel® Core2 Duo CPU T5800 @ 2.00GHz, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3470.

Memory (RAM) is 2.00 GB.

32-bit operating system.


I have downloaded the latest Recuva from piriform (and filehippo), version V1.43.623


I have ran it about 5 times searching for video files, searching everything/everywhere in Deep Scan mode.

It scans two drives, one done in an hour, the other would stop progressing at 40% (even overnight), the estimated time just getting higher and higher (from an hour to thirteen hours).Each drive also has 2 stages - the second drive would stop at stage 1. I cancelled the scan, satisfied to browse through 1400 plus files it brought up after the cancellation.

I was in a middle of transferring the restored files when I accidentally closed Recuva down.

When I opened it again and Deep Scanned once more it would stop progressing at drive 1 out of 2 at 24%. I removed and reinstalled recuva from both d/l links, restarted my laptop, even did a system restore to before first installing Recuva.

Nothing helps. The Deep Scan stops progressing at 25% at Drive 1 out of 2, Stage 1 out of 2, estimated time from one hour going to 2 and higher as time passes.

Right now I am running it again and it actually stopped at 23% this time. Just as with the 25%, it only brings up 400 out of 1400 something files. Seems like the more and more I deepscan, the less and less effective/bugged it gets.


Below I am attaching a log of the bug. I hope the issue is on Recuva's side and not on mine (ie; the scanning so many times makes the old video files more corrupted or w/e)


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Scanning should not corrupt the deleted files.

Deleted files will not be further corrupted by :-

Repeated scanning for them ;

Restoring and transferring UNLESS you were writing to the partition your restored from.


System Restore would not cancel any corruption of deleted files, but it might re-use "free-space" and thus additionally over-write them.

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