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ActiveX and Class Problem cannot be solved

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CCleaner is finding an activex and class problem in my Vista Business 32-bit SP2 Turkish computer but cannot delete that registry key. Data is LocalServer32\"%ProgramFiles%\InternetExplorer\IEUser.exe" and registry key is HKCR\CLSID\{300165D9-44B1-4C7A-AD58-4A9E7200E2E8}.

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I do not know if it is prudent to delete this item.


If you use RegEdit and can delete that item you have a CCleaner Bug.

If you cannot permanently delete that key you have a Windows problem.

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Hi ymeric, and welcome to the forum.


I've found a quite a few instances of that reg key being flagged by different registry cleaners because the user was using a version of IE, probably a beta, before the registry cleaner had actually been updated with that version of IE.


Here's one reference to that possibility from MS Answers ...


Registry Error:


Whether that's the reason or not, I would suggest "excluding" that entry in CCleaner ...


"CCleaner\Options\Exclude\Add\Registry Key"

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