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Wipe Free Disk space suggestion


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I know it has been brought forward - at least - once but I still think this still needs to be changed in a future version of CC. I continue to dislike the current situation in CC.


-- Remove the ""Wipe free diskspace"" option from both the ""Windows"" pane and the ""Settings"" (under ""Options"") section.

-- Move/combine all ""wipe disk"" in the current ""Drive wiper"" section (under ""Tools"").

-- Provide an explanation what the risks are when a user uses one or more options in that newly modified ""Drive wiper"" section.

-- Perhaps there's a way to avoid that ""wipe free disk space"" avoids deleting the System Restore Points. E.g. avoid cleaning the last 1, 1.2% or 1.5% of a logical drive ?

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