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Defraggler Crashes After "Analyze"


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Hello. I have used Defraggler in the past with no problems. Now the application crashes after using the "Analyze" function.


Speccy.myCompy.txt = Log file (text format) from Speccy.


Speccy.myCompy.xml = Log file(xml format) from Speccy. I am including the xml file because the text file stopped at line 558.


Defraggler.exe.[2_7_346][2011-10-10_18-28].txt = The "/debug3" log from Defraggler.




Note: I attached Speccy.myCompy.txt so that I can create a bug report in the Speccy section of the forum (I will link them here).




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Solution To Issue: "chkdsk /f"


I decided to try Windows Disk Defragmenter (I wish I had been smart enough to use it earlier). When I attempted to use Window's Defrag I received the following message:


Disk Defragmenter has detected that Chkdsk is scheduled to run on the volume C:.

Please run Chkdsk /f.


I have rebooted several times since I 1st started having this problem. Chkdsk was not running at startup. I followed the advise given here: http://forums.cnet.c...102-186480.html. I rebooted, chkdsk ran.


I am now able to use the Analyze function in Defraggler.

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