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incy wincy

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Hello all.

about a week or so ago i noticed that if somebody sent me a link in an e-mail when i go to click on it even though the link is hilighted nothing happens.In order for me to access it i have to copy and paste.does anybody know why this happening? thanks. :mellow:

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It may be security. Some systems classify internet shortcut links as dangerous attachments. They'll let the text through but the underlying URL is stripped out. In my office, my settings don't matter, central security determines what's allowed.

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Could your e-mail service have changed their settings? Some have a habit of rolling out new security features with user settings enabled by default. Or is it possible that the sender(s) or their e-mail service have changed their settings?


You could have someone who knows their outgoing isn't filtered send you a link (I can't from where I am because my outgoing is filtered). Then check your e-mail account using web access to bypass OE. If it's OK, then check your e-mail using OE. That would help determine where the problem lies.

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