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Recuva Secure Overwrite


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Have recently downloaded the latest version of Recuva 2.38.504 and found that the secure overwrite is no longer working. Have uninstalled and installed various older versions, but after the update these do not work either. After selection and choosing the overwrite, the box returns a zero files oversritten message. I see this has been reported in an earlier forum, but without conclusion ... Does anyone have this problem, or a solution ?

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Does this happen on all files, or just some files? What is the message Recuva returns?




The Recuva message reads:


operation Complete

Overwritten 0 files in 0.06 seconds


This happens on any and all files of ANY type


I have checked this on another PC and everything is fine for this version of Recuva.


However, all was well on this PC, until I installed this version.

I cannot resolve this by re-installing or installing an older version.


Essentially, the program is currently of no use, till thi sis resolved.

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