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Wordwheel filtering textboxes

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Guys something that is very much used today is wordwheel filtering textboxes... I think you should implement this as better way to search in result information! Will be very good to filter analize result to find something you wanna deleted and then select only that thing to be erased...


Wordwheels help you to find more actively a word in a gigant bunch of words while you are writting... is like search in real time... so if you don't know exactly the name of the file for example... you could enter a part of the word and all the other will disappear give you a more detailed view of the files and names... so you can find it faster...


Please think about it... this could be a very good adition for next releases... ;)


I am suggesting this cause now I am having such a bad time finding a Regestry key issue in whole list! :(

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