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Prefetch option should be removed


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I agree. Why do you need old prefetch files when you haven't used them for a while("Old"!!!! Prefetch Data) that CCleaner can easily clean off your computer.
It is NOT DATA. They are index files!


"""Old""" Prefetch Data Cleaning is a great option for CCleaner to have....,(if I haven't been running a program for a while.....WHY!!! would I want a file to be floating around on my HD when it is not "needed"
Incase you START it!!! Windows will automatically remove ununistalled applications from the prefetch folder over time. CCleaner removes INSTALLED applications. It appears to just do some sort of date checking on the file, which is idiotic. It cleaned Avant Browser, Trillian and Thunderbird .PF files which are used every day on my computer.


& Plus i don't care if my programs go a few nanoseconds slower, when I can have a clean hard drive.
It is more like seconds, which add up.


I agree that they may not be cache but why not have the choice to delete them if you want to?
Nothing is CACHED Period. None of the files in the prefetch folder are loaded or CACHED!!!! They are used as references to load other files.


Applications do go faster with the prefetch files there, but CCleaner cleans only "OLD" Prefetch Data which you do not need if you haven't been using an application for some time.
No it does not, I have tested this on multiple computers, it should never delete a .PF file from an installed application.


(And besides its your own choice whether you want to delete them or not!!!)
Why would you WANT to HURT performance?
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Mastertech: Obviously it was put there to give you something to occupy your time. Tomorrow we should discuss the relative merits of: 1. close all tags 2. close all open tags (if in fact they are completely open} 3. tag. you're it. 4. What is a tag, and is it your friend? 5. Are tags prefetched? What a dilemma.
No offense but try to understand how prefetching works.
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I just did a small UNOFFICAL test on my computer.


1. I left "prefetch" checked and ran the anyalze and got my ---- mb to be deleted.

2. Closed then reopened CCleaner

3. Then I unchecked "prefetch" and ran the anyalze and got ---- mb to be deleted.


Guess what folks, the numbers to be deleted were the same! 


Then I did numbes 1 & 3 without closing CCleaner and guess what folks the numbers were the same.


Maybe my computer is different, but I don't see that there is so much difference to cause this much argument.


I know I will get flamed for this but then that will give you something else to argue about. 


Have a good nanosecond day, 


What does this have to do with mb deleted? Do you understand anything I have been saying?
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Just because CCleaner labels it "data" does not mean it is. Again please explain to me how Prefetching works. The fact that CCleaner labels it "Data" is clearly why it was incorrectly included as an option. NOTHING in the prefetch folder is Data. They are merely index files, one per application and boot items. Check this for yourself. You will see a file name per application you launch not various "Data" files.


BTW it is the users choice to disable your CPU's cache in the BIOS too.

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Nothing is misunderstood and no one here has to explain anything to you. We have already established that we are debating over a few seconds. This is a feature that was put into CCleaner by the programer. Neither you nor I can change that. If you would like I recommend you contact Mr.G and tell him what you think. He may or may not take your advice, and thats his decision.

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