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Need to clean winamp playlist registry

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First off, CCleaner kicks ass.


Next-- CCleaner needs to be able to clean WinAmp playlist registry. I currently use Window Washer (added winamp registry to cleaning list), but wouldn't need to use Window Washer at all if CCleaner would take care of this for me. Anyone else feel the need for CCleaner to do this? Thanks,

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Thanks, Mangix. I appreciated the help. It took a sec, but I figured it out. Thanks again!


And actually, it wasn't a registry at all...


you have to remove the Winamp.m3u file from the Winamp folder that is in Program Files. Thanks again...

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This was brought up in the past and declied. Many people often change their playlists and that Winamp.m3u is the last playlist used, so wiping that out would wipe out someone's current playlist. I know I wouldn't like seeing my list get wiped and have to reload it every time I ran CCleaner.

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