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"C" drive free space clesn up

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My laptop is set up with six partitions, ["C-H"]. The "C drive is 4GBs, I only run WinXP pro only. AT this point

I have about "65MB of free space no this drive. I have tried to increase this to at lease 500MB. I would like to rewove all files that are not a part fo the windows OS but I have run into a wall ! When I run "C Cleaned" the free space goes down.

Today, I started with 196MB, after running C Cleaner I end up with 85MB...............? :(


PS....This happens every time I run the program.....mike <_<

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There are many files, including *.exe and *.dll, which upon deletion will be intercepted by System Restore and moved into a Restore Point archive. If it WAS a compressed file it may become uncompressed upon relocation, taking more space.



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