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FF 3.5 - Remembered Password Cookies Not Showing

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Cookies are not showing up in Options/Cookies so FF can remember User Name and Passwords. Firefox remembers them but under the 3.5 versions I have to tell it to log manually. It used to login automatically in older 3.011.


Any suggestions?

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Yes, I also have this problem in Firefox 3.5, I've found that if you quit Firefox then open CCleaner and then run an "Analyze" before going to Options/Cookies the saved cookies should show up and allow you to exclude them from being deleted.

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I am also having this problem.

Both in FF 3.5 & 3.51


NOTES to the CCleaner Developers:


What is happening is, when you open up CCleaner and go to OPTIONS > COOKIES


- after the 1st install of the software, if you havent run CCleaner yet, to clean the cookies... Browsing a little first and then you will see the cookies showing up in the left-side column area in OPTIONS > COOKIES


- But if you have already run the CCleaner even one time, it will never again show any cookies in the left column unless you do a re-install over the top of the current install of the software




A work-around for the above people...


So re-install the CCLEANER, (and DO NOT clean anything), then browse a little using Firefox,


then Check OPTIONS > COOKIES & see if the cookies are showing in the left-side

If u see them, transfer a couple cookies to the right-side (these will not get erased)


Now if you run CCleaner... from that point on NO COOKIES will ever show up (in the left column) until you re-Install CCleaner again


So the problem is with CCLEANER, its deleting a key file (everytime) when it runs (that relates to the left-side cookies)


It could be deleting a needed file from the registry - just a thought

(when u run the REGISTRY (option the 1st time), maybe check the files it lists to be fixed, could be one of them)


but the problem is still being caused by CCLEANER


I am using the latest version: ccsetup221

O/S: Win7 RC1


hope you can get this fixed soon,

I really like this software and it has always worked fine until the latest updates..



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I have FF3.5 and FF3.5.1 installed and have no problems at all saving/deleting cookies with CC.


You probably know that all instances of FF must be closed for CC to be able to read/delete its cookies.


CC builds the "Cookies to Delete" list on-the-fly everytime you enter the Cookies screen. Therefore there is no file or registry key used for the "Cookies to Delete" listbox. The "Cookies to Keep" list is saved in the registry/INI and it is named CookiesToSave.


Installing or uninstalling CC is totally irrelevant.


I hope this helps.

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I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing problems with FF3.5x and CCleaner.


Can anyone post more details about this problem? Screenshots, list of cookies, etc.


Thank you

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