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  1. I have the same problem. Everything worked fine until Firefox 3.5. Any suggestions?
  2. Cookies are not showing up in Options/Cookies so FF can remember User Name and Passwords. Firefox remembers them but under the 3.5 versions I have to tell it to log manually. It used to login automatically in older 3.011. Any suggestions?
  3. I agree 100%. I have been burned by PayPal twice now and I will never use them again!!
  4. Silver66


    Very interesting discussion. My problem is just the opposite. It deletes cookies that I have set to save. I am running XP Pro SP2 and CCleaner v2.02.527 and Firefox 2.009. This has been going on for the last several versions of CCleaner. Does anyone have this problem and any solutions? Many thanks,
  5. I have the same problem. Mine occurs when I run CCleaner running from the Recycle bin without opening it.
  6. Mine crashes every time I run the Cleaner. XP Pro, SP2. I have gone back to 1.41.544.
  7. I am running the same version with XP Pro and I am having the same problem. I am only using 1 pass and it happens when I run CCleaner from the Recycle Bin without opening and analyzing.
  8. This is getting to be a real pain in the .... Any idea when it will be fixed?
  9. Same problem here. All of a sudden, my kept cookies are not sticking. It is unacceptable to have to go back and re-enter all of my passwords. This needs to be FIXED.
  10. The Clear Search History in the drop down menu in FF 2.01 is greyed out. You can't clean the history.
  11. This does not save the cookies either!
  12. Silver66


    It will NOT keep cookies in IE7.
  13. How about IE7. Have you fixed the "keep cookies" feature? It has been discussed is this forum for some time now.
  14. No it doesn't. The hold cookies option is broken. When are you going to fix it? IE7 will be out in a few days. It is time to fix this feature, don't you think?
  15. CCleaner is deleting ALL cookies, even though I have many checked in the "cookies to keep" column. Does anyone have an idea of how to correct this? I have tried other methods mentioned in this forum and they did not work. Many thanks.
  16. I cleans out cookies that have been withheld. It needs fixing!!
  17. I have the same problem running Vista RC1. Many times it cleans out my saved cookies.
  18. I tried this and it did not work. Same results. 100% cpu load after running cleaner and closing...
  19. When I run the cleaner, after analyze, the CPU load goes to 100%. It stays there after shutting down CCleaner. Only way to fix is to shutdown and restart ZoneAlarm. Anyone have a similar experience? Any fixes?
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