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Is it normal for CPU cores to


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I decided to see how the temperatures were while playing UT3, so I downloaded Speedfan. I ran UT3 in windowed mode and just sitting idle on the main menu, Core 0 and Core 1 both had the flame icon and were between 55 and 57 degrees Celsius. Before I started, HD0 had a green check, Temp1-3 had a blue arrow, and both of the cores had green checks.


When I opened up Firefox, both Cores got the flame emblem and went up to around 49 or 50. Then, once Firefox loaded, the temperature went back down and a blue arrow was there. Is that normal for hardware to do that? Whats a dangerous temperature that could possibly effect the part? Is >60C a warm enough temperature where if I still play UT3 for a few hours, nothing will be affected? I've noticed that UT3 uses between 65 to 100% of my dual-core processor, so I may have to wait until they update it for multi-cores to take a little pressure off my processor.


Currently, everything has a blue check except the HD0, which has a green arrow. The temperatures range from 27C to 41C, with the latter being the HD0.

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What processor do you have, and what cooler do you have on it? Yeah, above 60 Celsius seems to be the upper limit, above that, and you need a better cooler.




Intel Core 2 Duo T9550 2.66GHz in a laptop. I don't know the cooler.

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I found out that my processor can work up to 150 degrees Celsius. I found it online and an Intel chat-support person gave me a link to the same information on their website.


It wasn't until after I left the chat that I was curious to see the degrees in Fahrenheit and, well, it's 302 degrees Fahrenheit. I know that the processor would probably never get up to 150C, but I can't see how all that heat is good for the hardware around it. Do processors contain the heat or something? I'm super paranoid about this computer. I have to keep it running smoothly for 4 years, at least, especially since it came with a $2,000+ price tag...

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what's your Onboard Video on that Notebook? again, Notebooks get warm/hot no matter what you are doing.

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