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Recuva doesn't find any files


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Accidentally deleted some folders with important stuff for me

Runned the normal scan and didn't find anything...runned the deep scan and didn't find anything either..

I restarted and tryed it again but still nothing....and there were a lot of stuff i deleted

I also tried the undelete application from tuneup 2009, but nothing

any ideas why this happens (apart than of my stupidity)??




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If you deleted your files/folders to the recycler and then emptied that, the files will be renamed in XP and Vista.


Apart from that just running stuff on your pc can overwrite file entries in the MFT very quickly (a simple prefetch file, for instance), but I wouldn't expect that to happen to all files.


I would sort the Recuva output by size or date last modified order, in an attempt to locate them. Recover any suspects to a flash drive before looking at them.

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