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Erratic Cleaning After IE8 Install

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I upgraded to IE8 ver 8.0.6001.18372 a short time before last CCleaner version 2.16.830 was installed. I do not know if this has anything to do with problem as outlined below, but it started shortly thereafter.


Now when I run CCleaner most of the time it will clean all but (1) Internet Explorer History file 5.0MB in size. When I run CCleaner immediatley again sometimes it will still show the (1) 5.0MB again. While other times it will show "0" like it always did after second repeated Run Cleaner. Sometimes I have to Run CCleaner multiple times to get it to "0".


In addition, the blue border at the top of the CCleaner screen blinks from the normal dark blue to a lighter blue in color upon opening CCleaner.



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I can't believe that I have found the answer to my question so fast after my posting, as I had been evaluating this problem for a few days prior.


The recently added feature to IE8 "Suggested Sites" was the cause of leaving the (1) 5.0MB file when running CCleaner. I deleted this feature from the Favoirites Bar and now CCleaner is cleaning as it normally has in the past.


This might be something that the CCleaner team needs to look at with the upcoming upgrade from IE7 to IE8 by Micorsoft.



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I am sorry to report that the original problem is back again today so the fix that I thought worked does not. It still on occasion shows the Internet History 5.0MB file again after original Run CCleaner.


I still believe that this problem is associated with IE8.

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I wonder if this would do the trick? I don't use IE at all, so I'm guessing this is your problem.


To turn off Suggested Sites:


In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button.


Click Suggested Sites to clear the check mark and turn Suggested Sites off.


Note: Turning off Suggested Sites does not clear your history.


To delete your browsing history (with or without turning off Suggested Sites):


In Internet Explorer, click the Safety button.


Click Delete Browsing History.


Link: Near the bottom of the page.

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I have tried all your suggestions and many more. To begin with you can't turn off/on Suggested Sites as it is not listed under Tools options even though that is what MS tells you. So I just totally deleted it from the IE8 Favorites Bar and that way I knew is was not turned on. I now know how to delete and add it back to the Favorites Bar.


I also have completely deleted all IE Temp Internet files, but for some reason CC lists 2 files now normally after Run Cleaner for a total of 5.28MB. It will delete the .28MB file and then the 5.0MB file reappears. Sometimes it does it while other times it doesn't....very erractic and I can't seem to determine why. (I wish that CC would list the file strings for these files.)


Also if I take the tick out of Internet Explorer Temp Internet Files and run CC and then put the tick back and immediately run it never displays these files.


I have FF and I suppose the smartest move would to make it my Default browser....

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I have FF and I suppose the smartest move would to make it my Default browser....


That could be a good move, but I'm sure we have IE8 users here who may be able to help. I'll keep looking myself.

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I agree with you that the problem needs to be identified and solved.


The more that I remove and then put back the tick applicable Internet Explorer Temporary Internet Files and then Run Cleaner I now feel the problem is more within the way that CC ver 2.16.830 is identifying these files rather IE8 per se.


Again if CC identified the file string applicable these files in question it would be much easier to resolve. Also the lack of identification by CC could be part of the problem.


I suppose an interim measure would be to remove the tick from Temp Internet Files and then randomly put it back. This way it would suppress the apparent problem to a limited basis.


I maintain a rather clean computer and with all installed applications kept current.

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I have some additional info since my last posting. I now feel certain that IE8 has caused CC version 2.16.830 to not clean Temporary Internet Files properly.


Apparently a fix is required by CC to correct the problem of cleaning Temporary Internet Files when IE8 is installed. While the CC installed on my Sony desktop runnimg XP MCE(2005) SP3 does not identify the file causing the problem my Toshiba laptop running XP Home SP3 does.


The file string of the problem file is C:\Documents and Settings\(User)\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files\SuggestedSites.dat 5.0MB in size. Suggested Sites is a new added feature to IE8.


I can run CC and it will Remove this file and rerun it imnmediately again and it will Remove it again even though the previous run indicated "0 bytes removed". It's erratic in the cleaning of this file. Sometimes when you run CC it appears to Remove normally, but most all of the time it requires repeated cleaning to get to "0 bytes" and remain there. As I said you can run CC and it will show "0 bytes removed" and rerun it immediately again and it will show the 5.0MB file as being removed.


Hopefully this additonal info will leas to the resolution of this problem.



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I was hoping that the latest version 2.17.583 would have addressed the issues that I originally reported after installing IE8, but it did not.


I still have erratic cleaning results when I run CCleaner that I never had prior to installing IE8. The 5.0MB file along with another .28MB appears frequently after running CCleaner. Repeated cleaner runs will normally delete the .28MB file on second attempt, but the 5.0MB file might appear 3-4 times before it finally indictaes "0" bytes.


Also after running CCleaner until I get "0" bytes and then immediately running MS Disk Cleanup tool, the tool will indicate a varying quantity of Temporary Files. This never happened prior, as it always indicated "0" files when I launch Disk Cleanup after running CCleaner. So CCleaner is not cleaning all files even though it indicates "0" bytes.


In addition, the blue border around the CCleaner screen will change off and on from a normal bright blue to a pale blue which I never saw before. I don't know if this is some abnomality or not.


Hopefully someone will test CCleaner with the new IE8 and resolve these issues.



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This 5.0 MB file may tend to avoid deletion because :-

a. CCleaner is not aiming straight;

b. The File is write protected;

c. The file has some other "permissions" blockage;

d. Something comes along after it is deleted and resurrects it.


Task Manager shows if Firefox has been closed but left its process running,

and that immediately shows why CCleaner cannot cleanse the Firefox cache even though you have "closed" Firefox.


You are using I.E.8 which I personally will consider to be out of Beta at least 1 year after general release ! !


Since I.E. is embedded irretrievably into Windows,

I doubt that Task Manager would clearly tell you of any services or processes that may continue to run after closing the browser.


I STRONGLY recommend that you use Windows Explorer to delete this 5.0 MB file,

and then refresh the display and inspect whether it has remained or re-appeared.


If you can delete the file and it stays deleted even after a reboot,

then CCleaner could benefit from a fix.


If however the file remains or reappears upon reboot,

the problem is entirely the fault of Windows and/or I.E.8 etc.,

together with its bewildering array of services / processes / what-have-you's




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I finally gave up on IE8 on my desktop and reverted back to IE7. Everything with CCleaner is now back to normal.


Piriform sure has a lot of work to do in preparation for when IE8 does come out of Beta and into the Windows Update system. There are far to many bugs with CCleaner and IE 8 currently, even though I have left IE8 on my laptop just for testing purposes.


The 5.0MB and .28MB files were like "phantom" files as I could never find them in an effort to delete them. I could delete the 5.0MB file 3 or 4 times in succession with CCleaner and why it would keep appearing after the first delete I have no idea. Also as I have mentioned CCleaner appeared to be very unstable, as even the screen blue border consistently changed colors.


I have always had great CCleaner usage and this erratic behaivor with IE8 was just more than I could tolerate. I suppose I lost confidence in CCleaner with IE8.


As a follow-on note one does not want to roll back IE8 to IE7 everyday and it's not for the novice. It's a real chore to get IE7 back to where it should be and not a simple task.


Anyway hopefully I have provided some helpful info in regards to forthcoming IE8.



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I had this problem recently. Suggested Sites was my problem in IE8. This is what I did:


0. Make sure that IE8 IS NOT OPEN! :rolleyes:

1. Go to your Control Panel in Windows and Open Internet Options.

2. Under Advanced (Top Right) Make sure that "Enable Suggested Sites" is NOT Checked.

3. Click Apply on the Bottom Right Corner

4. Click on General (Top Left) under Browser History, click "Delete"

5. Check all the Options in the window and then click "Delete"

6. After its done it's thing close Internet Options.


Rerun CCleaner. The 5.28mb should be gone...

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