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New Prevx Edge


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Gave this app a whirl and it seems quite darn good.


Only gave it a brief testing and it picked nearly all of my malware samples.


Still in beta with a couple of minor probs which have probably been fixed.

* Realtime protection against zero-day and even zero-hour threats

* Ultra-Strong rootkit prevention

* Advanced behavior monitoring to detect complex and suspicious infections

* Blocks known and unknown infections with advanced heuristics

* Identifies and prevents targeted attacks and mutating infections

* Almost-silent operation with the absolute minimal user interaction required

* Light footprint and compatible with all other security products

Prevx Edge

Wilder's Discussion

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I've been using their other product posted on here some time back, Prevx CSI.


It's no more than a scanner, and won't fix what it finds, but finding something is half the battle.


This new one seems to work on the same premise:


Note: the product explains the trial version, but if interested: the trial is time-unlimited but will not block the malware it sees during the trial (so you can essentially use it like an ondemand scanner which works in realtime).


Thanks for the heads up Humpty, definitely worth a look as I've always liked Prevx CSI, and it does a very quick scan.

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There's a thing. The downloaded simple PREVXEDGEFREE.EXE file is this, which I've had for ages.




Prevx seem to have their downloads in a twist, or they've dressed Prevx CSI up as PrevxEdge. They both have the same Version Number, as well.



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Seems you can only have one or the other installed at the one time.


If I install CSI first then install Edge only CSI comes up.


So it does seem they are exactly the same with more features turned on in Edge.

Prevx Edge


Right. I'd never have sussed that one out.


Thanks Humpty.

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Got a reply on this from PrevxHelp:

That is correct - both use the same back end. You will have to uninstall CSI and then reinstall as Edge to get the Edge features (or put an Edge license into CSI and it will automatically up-convert to Edge).


Edge does duplicate everything in CSI, so, you'll be covered

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You're spot on Humpty, It's installing, scanning, and analyzing my PC at this moment.........


Done, and it's running at about 8mb with two processes. One of them I think is the Sys Tray Icon.


It does a hell of a quick scan, and you get the option to turn it off or revert to CSI. I think it's worth having for the Scan if nothing else. A big step up from CSI.


For info:



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