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adding new programmes


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I read the tut about adding software to CCleaner, but cannot find out where to find the files for the regkey information, etc.


Is there some way to find them?


I want to learn :-) but need a little help.


files i want to include in winapp2.ini:

- winamp

- evidendce eliminator

- unlead photoimpact

- acronis privacy suite


thanks for the help

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90% of the registry keys will be in HKCU\Software





Thanks for the reply and I see I was not clear.


I am searching for the second part:

RegKey1=HKCU\Software\Adobe\Adobe Acrobat\5.0\AVGeneral\cRecentFiles


Different programs do write the info not only in the HKCU. How to find the file/place to clean?

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Ok, I will try to explain it...




Usually there will be a RecentList folder in the program registry. If not, it would be 1 registry key that does the samething as the RecentList folder but more compact.




Usually you like for .log, .tmp, or files that the application creates as temp or stores information.


You have to know Windows, the application, and the files it uses. Removing a wrong can cause real problems.

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