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  1. I am not that good with the beginners guide above. Can anybody help me to make such entree for 'Photofiltre'? so I can try same with some other program as well? Thanks
  2. Information as received files, contacts, historie, etc.
  3. How to delete the msn information which windows is collecting? Thanks.
  4. I noticed some time already that after cleaning still rest files are visible. I.e. not all found files were cleaned. Last file is locked and even when close the ZA the file is still there What to do about that? When I run Evidence Eliminator (and it is cleaning a lot) and let this follow by CCleaner, last is finding a lot of files. Any explanation how such is possible? **edit** Can I run CCleaner in the Windows safe mode? Thanks on forehand.
  5. Thanks for the reply and I see I was not clear. I am searching for the second part: Different programs do write the info not only in the HKCU. How to find the file/place to clean?
  6. I read the tut about adding software to CCleaner, but cannot find out where to find the files for the regkey information, etc. Is there some way to find them? I want to learn :-) but need a little help. files i want to include in winapp2.ini: - winamp - evidendce eliminator - unlead photoimpact - acronis privacy suite thanks for the help
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