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The power light on my cable modem has


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If the power light on the modem has a been going dead than either the modems dead or their could be problems with the wall outlet. If the modem stays on and you internet just quits than its either the modem or you cable. Do you have anything else plugged in to the same outlet as your modem? If so does it work or randomly cut off too?

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The transformer/plug was plugged into a surge suppressor which is located behind my pc desk (everything else working fine). I pulled the desk out and have the modem plugged into a separate outlet now. There is only about eight inches of clearance between everything that is plugged into the ss and the back of the desk. All of the transformers (router and speaker also) were hot so I suspect the modem transformer may not like the heat. I noticed the light was blinking once since I moved it, although it has been over an hour now and apparently it hasn't done it. I've been working on my truck, however, my PopTray email program checks for mail every five minutes and shows an error message if I'm off line so I'll just keep checking. I've been threatening (to myself) to purchase a modem and skip the $3/month rental, however, this issue is making me rethink that decision! Thanks!

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