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Directories deleted

Klaus Yde

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I have just downloaded Recuva to help my oldes daugther to recover some pictures on her lapTop. Before that, I would test the program and installed it on my work PC and asked Recuva to scan my 4GB usb stick. It found of cause multiple deleted files without any problems - so far so good. But when I accessed my usb stick a little later several directories where missing and as I found out, converted to unreadable files!


Next I borrowed a copy of Active Undelete 7.04 and tried to recover my files and directories - but without any luck - luckily i have a recent backup of the stick - but I dont think I want to use or recommen Recuva to anybody - unless i get an expalanation of what went wrong.




The PC is a standard HP workhorse with Win XP sp2 and normal MS programs installed.


Klaus Yde :(



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Hi Klaus,


I can see no reason why Recuva would delete any live files, and I have never heard of this. If you mean that Recuva listed some deleted files on your USB stick, and the files were missing later, then this is to be expected. Any deleted file can be overwritten by later file creation, or even by recovering other deleted files to the same USB stick, or by any file activity.



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Hi Augeas


Sorry - there is no mistake. One of the directories that got converted to a file was my "Documents" where I had copies of all my standard doc files (private letter, official letter and so on and the copies of private letters I wrote to be transfered to my home PC). in short one of the most used directories of the usb stick. Another was a directory with drivers for my mouse, usb camera et cet. A third was different links.


Klaus Yde

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