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Defrag Button greyed out


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Hey, love the program, just a couple questions:


1) Why is only the Analyze Drive button enabled, even after I've analyzed the drive? The Defrag Drive button is greyed out. However, if I right click on the drive in the window above, I can defrag the drive. Likewise I can do it from a drop-down menu.


2) Why does my drive show no white boxes, even when I have 15% free space? My drive is badly fragmented, maybe all squares have a little data in them?


Also, I'm on my third go on my badly fragged drive, and it still finishes with a lot of fragmentation still there. Is it possible to have a drive that is beyond help?


And one more thing - does defraggler handle pagefiles, or do I need a special tool for that?




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The defrag-button on the right is to defrag single files only...

To use this button, you would have to select the files you want to defrag in the collumn..

The defrag button in the file menu, is to defrag the whole drive.


For the rest.. no idea.. I'm no expert

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