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Analyze and Verify?


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I was just wondering what the difference is between 'analyze drive' and 'verify drive'..

I noticed that the amount of freespace changed, and it takes much longer to verify then to analyze,

so it must be almost the same, but way more accurate? Perhaps just a refresh of the drive information?

Correct me if I'm wrong please..


About the program itself.. I ran it on a pc where we play games on, so lots of games get (un)installed...

I ran it for.. mm must be over 70 houres(!), but I think it really helped..

I don't think it's a problem of the program being to slow, when you look at the task manager, you can see that it doesn't

ask much memory (about 20k on my pc..) so my guess is it could go way faster by taking more memory..

Normally I wouldn't really trust those 'home'-made programs to defrag, but since it was made by the

developers of CCleaner.. ^^


So.. Keep up the good work!

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