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would like to see added


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Your program is great and I have used it for months now but I still use window washer to since it allows me to make a plug in to remove an registry item. some programs like microsoft digital image use the registry to keep recent list. I can use window washer to remove this key

[HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-299502267-1972579041-682003330-1003\Software\Microsoft\Picture It!\7.0\Recent File List]


Then the recent list for microsoft digital image is removed.


adding the ablity to add registry keys to remove and also individual programs in a folder would be nice.

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It's not as easy as the plug-in concept, but you can create a winapp2.ini file (patterned off the winapp.ini file) that can remove your custom keys. Take a look at posts by TwistedMetal, the apparent king of winapp2.ini.

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King? Na, I am just the Messenger. I have added a lot, but most of them are from users of CCleaner who Personal Message me the entries. It's the users that keep it updated.

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