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I just bought a linksys 802.11G wireless router. I have set it up through the cd that came with it and my internet works but I cant find any install files on my pc. How do I change the settings on the router without reinstalling it? Also I am going to buy a PSP and I know that they have wifi access. Can it connect through my new router? I need to know because I live in a pretty rural area and there are no hotspots around. Last question, If I was to buy a second router can the two "talk to each other" without the second one needing to have a direct ethernet connection? I need to know this because I want to hook my Xbox and PS2 to the internet but I have no connection in my tv room and my office is downstars.


Here is the deal I got on my router which I think is pretty good.


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Huh? The beauty of wireless routers is that they bridge between wired and wireless to share a connection. You only need 1 router. Maybe you mean a signal booster.All linksys routers come with a booklet that has a help section. That will tell you how (and how not to) change settings.As long as you buy wireless equipment that will accept an adapter, you are good to go.I use both linksys and gateway adapters on my network and they work well for 2 computers and a media server.If it is only downstairs, I doubt that you will need a signal booster.

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