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  1. Your English is wonderful and very understandable. I think your assumptions are essentially correct. However, I think what rridgely is also trying to say is that while what you assume is generally probably true, CCleaner's main purpose is NOT to be an eraser, its main purpose is to simply delete files that aren't necessary in order to clean up one's hard drive and give the user a little extra needed space. For best results in erasing files completely off of the hard drive it would be wiser to use a program that is designed specifically for that purpose. While CCleaner's built in file eraser is probably sufficient, I would suggest the free program Eraser which can be downloaded here: http://www.heidi.ie/eraser/download.php
  2. you know i might try this out, im pretty confident with spybot but i enjoy trying new programs every once in a while
  3. i run spybot and on demand nod32 about once a week, nod32 is always running quietly in the backround. i run CCleaner about once every other day and also i always run CC after i get done uninstalling a lot of stuff. maybe once i month i run Auslogics disk defrag.
  4. allright it looks like i shouldn't be worrying about it then, thanks a lot. i love how this AV runs and i was kind of disappointed at the idea of having to get a new one.
  5. on the nod32 website it says that it is compatible with windows vista and most of the features seem to work fine, but when i run an on-demand system scanner the log gives me funny results. it seems to scan everything but in the log it says error. here is the top of my log: then it continues listing things with errors for a while and here is the end: is this what is supposed to happen? i can't tell if the program is working or not.
  6. i use ESET (nod32) and it looks like it did really well, on top of that it takes less than 1 mb of system resources, i love it
  7. just got vista and im loving it. i also just absolutely love this backround
  8. i just ran it and it looks like it doesn't delete that folder. maybe some of the CCleaner guys could look in to possibly add cleaning this to CCleaner by the way, i ran a complete system recover the other day because i screwed something up and there is still files in that folder from before i recovered my disk. that's kind of weird
  9. i said they were switched because my experience has usually been that the C drive was usually larger than the D drive. all of this program files and system files are in the C, so they're not switched in that respect, its just that the D is larger than i usually see and the C is smaller than usual. i just left all his programs and system files on the C and set up his iTunes and limewire to save their media on D. its fine now, thanks for helping
  10. just saw that disk partition sticky and i guess i never realized that D drives were for media and such. i always though it was the other way around. so should i just transfer all of his media, games, and... (what else?) over to the D? should i leave all his programs on his C? how much effort will it be setting his system up so the default is that everything saves in the D drive? this is a pretty new concept to me!
  11. my friend had me go over to his house the other day and try and help him find a way to get rid of crap on his computer so the hard drive wasn't full anymore. he has a really nice desktop and i had a hard time believing that his hard drive was full since i know he doesn't listen to that much music or download movies and he just uses his computer for basic internet and word processing stuff with the casual itunes downloads. i check his computer info and his C drive was 15 gigs and full and his D drive is 140 gigs and obviously empty. somehow they're backwards! his computer is already a year or two old so i think having him send it back is not an option, so for now i deleted crap he doesn't need and just transfered his itunes to the D drive. has anyone ever heard of this before? is there even convenient and easy way to fix it? can he just take it to a computer maintenance store and have them swap the drives or what? i just told him they screwed up when they made it and he's probably out of luck. any suggestions, comments, or interesting similar stories would be great!
  12. Thanks for the suggestions, i'll probably see what the guys at that other site say too, im sure im not the first person to ever have this issue. my sister also owns a macbook so i will definitely have to mess around with hers and see what im able to do.
  13. i've been using my families old compaq presario with windows 98 as my own for the past 4 years and it works great since im computer literate and the rest of my family stays away from this heap with a 96 MB ram. anyways, i've got my ipod and all my music on my dad's computer with XP and im going to get a powerbook for college. The 20 GB worth of music on my windows formatted ipod creates an issue for me i think. ripping all of that music all over again is not a possibilty, it's just something that isn't going to happen. are there any programs that will help me get music off of my windows formatted ipod and onto my mac? or will i have to enable my ipod for disk use and go that route? i also could maybe get a 1 or 2 gig flash drive and copy my whole library back and forth, that's what i might do right now. I'm just wondering if anyone has done this before and how you did it. any suggestions will be great.
  14. Im using a windows XP, when i analyzed the green progress bar would load and load until finally the program froze and shut down. i narrowed it down to the system tree specifically the Temporary Files. for now i just deselect the temporary files and run the cleaner anyways and it works fine. but it'd be nice to be able to clean that section too
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