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  1. Thanks for Reply, I have written 3 emails to support@ccleaner.com (aside from my posts in this forum) on Sept 29th, Oct 7th and 12th and I cannot give you any ticket number because I got NO reply. Please send me a solution or refund me my money please
  2. Thanks. I sent email to support address as well. Hope at least they answer me, they did not answer any of my previous email. And I checked Spam!
  3. Thanks, I did all these, check date and time... and restarted, and tur off firewalls. Still NOT working. Same error. I reinstalled ans installed new download program and not working. I will follow with support email and here.
  4. Thanks Vinny for sharing, I hope that more people having this issue accelerate solution. I will appreciate any kind of answer on their side after support emails sent more than a week ago! Someone else with error message 12029? please join! Best regards, Álvaro
  5. Thanks Nukecad, I disabled my Avast antivirus completely and Windows Defender firewall. I got exactly same error message 12029. Pirifom - CCleaner support is not answering any of my emails. Any suggestion? can you help me to get their attention? or i will have to ask for a refund? Thanks again for quick help
  6. Hello, despite I received the email with Username and Regsitration key... and pasted both into program registration details. it gives Registration key error. I unistalled, downloaded and installed twice and again same error. Please guide me through it, or send me new key. Thanks,
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