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  1. Hazelnut Thank you for your reply. I have already scoured the forums and FAQs to no avail to relevent solutions. I will attempt to e-mail support directly.
  2. I have been having issues registering the past few releases of CCleaner. I even bought a second license thinking my license was out of date. I an using ZoneAlarm as a firewall and have granted CCleaner.exe full access to the internet, as well as running CCleaner as administrator. I have copied the license key, as well as my registered name, directly from the order/license confirmation e-mail, without any extra spaces. The error I am receiving is: *CCleaner Activation-ERROR4 *The key you have entered is invalid. Please enter your key again, including dashes (-), numbers and letters. You may find it easier to copy and paste the key from your purchase confirmation email into the box. Thank you for your time and assistance resolving this problem.
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