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  1. This thread is full of misinformation. 64-bit Windows 7 and later implement the registry in the same way. There is a 32-bit registry for 32-bit programmes and a 64-bit registry for 64-bit programmes. The 32-bit registry contains a link to "C:\Windows\SysWOW64\Speech_OneCore\Common\SpeechRuntime.exe -ToastNotifier" and the 64-bit registry contains a link to "C:\Windows\System32\Speech_OneCore\Common\SpeechRuntime.exe -ToastNotifier". There is no 32-bit version of SpeechRuntime.exe, but Windows' Registry Reflector, which implements the compatibility layer for 32-bit programmes on 64-bit Windows, dynamically reflects the 64-bit key into the 32-bit registry, modifying System32 to SYSWOW64. There are specific things that the application developer should do when writing a 64-bit application. If they wish the application to also run on 32-bit systems, as they did here, they should also include the 32-bit binary. Microsoft has failed here, providing some DLLs (e.g. sapi_onecore.dll) for both architectures but failing to provide others, including this one, for the 32-bit platform. Furthermore, they've added the LocalServer32 string in the correct place - "Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{265b1075-d22b-41eb-bc97-87568f3e6dab}", corresponding to its class ID - but added the Application Name and ID in an incorrect place - "Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{265b1075-d22b-41eb-bc97-87568f3e6dab" (missing the closing curly brace). The long and short of it is that CCleaner correctly identifies this as an erroneous registry key because Microsoft needs to fix a bug in the application. Should you delete this registry key? Well, deleting the registry key will make the result go away in CCleaner. This particular registry "error" is not a problem with the registry but the application. If you want to delete it, go ahead - the key is already sufficiently broken that it can't do anything as it can't resolve the AppId. If Microsoft ever fixes the application to run correctly, Windows Installer will recreate the key when Windows Update pushes the new version out.
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