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  1. @nukecad Okay, thank you for all help. I will try to do something and I will speak with discord support.
  2. @nukecadAfter few days I am sure it is a problem with Discord. I don't know what can i do now.
  3. @nukecad I am after scanning my computer and I found one danger/virus, but i don't know is it important for our case and this weird issue topic. I send screenshot what Windows Defender found:
  4. @nukecad I reinstalled discord, my notifications are fine now, but we will see will i get this issues again. I am now only waiting for Windows Defender to end scan of my computer.
  5. @nukecad I am after few days after using Opera instead of Chrome. I can say - this issues was little different and appeared less frequent than normal. About this "Squirrel" - I didn't see this process in task manager (when Discord was turned on and off). This weird "com.squirrel.Discord.Discord" adding is still in my Discord notification. I will do full scan of my computer with Windows Defender and Malwarebytes if it can help. I want to reinstall Discord and see what will happen, what's Your opinion about this idea?
  6. @nukecad I think it can be it, but we have a problem. Few minutes ago the issue happend again shortly after running pc when i had only Google Chrome opened (also as usual when the issue happenes). Discord wasn't even in my processes in task manager, so i am little bit shocked what happened here. I will turn off the Google Chrome and not use him for day or two days so we can see if the issue strikes again. I am now pretty sure that it is connected to Google Chrome or Discord. As i said Google Chrome was always in use when the issue happened, so we will see. What i reminded: I saw that my computer is booting to windows very very slow sometimes (often/usually when i use restart PC option). I think it is important so i had to write it.
  7. @nukecad I had this issue with my computer again but today i acted different than normaI. l didn't clean my computer with CCleaner after running PC (as usual), and I didn't use him when the situation happened. I just waited for about 2 minutes and my computer was running normally again. I was about to use CCleaner but today it just didn't open. When the issue stopped from itself, CCleaner opened and all system things were normal again. Circumstances: I was playing a game and I saw it is lagging and i have really low frames per second. Apps running in background: Steam (as usual when the issue happens), Discord(as usual when the issue happens), Razer Synapse/Configurator (first time running when the issue happened), Task Manager (first time running when the issue happened), Google Chrome (as usual when the issue happens). Task Manager: I didn't look at the amount of RAM, but as I saw - nothing was at 100% of usage. (What scares me a little bit, because i see the problem isn't just in usage of processor or graphic card.) What I did before issue happened: I thought it can be caused by my almost filled up system disk C, I cleaned it up from about 40GB, but it didn't secure me from today's issue. What weird I saw on my computer today: - I saw that my Discord notifications have weird "com.squirrel.Discord.Discord" adding which never showed before (screen below). - My Discord call wasn't interrupted or disturbed with any problems or interferences when the issue happened (I mean the voice was clear). What I think: In my opinion it is some sort of system problem which have a connection with notifications or discord. I don't think Discord caused it but i think the issue and Discord can have a connection. I don't know did CCleaner caused the issue, I only know that CCleaner could remove the issue when it happens.
  8. Good Evening. I have a problem with ActiveX/COM. - My computer frequently slows down, and i have to wait big amount of time to do anything in system (things like running apps or searching something in searching panel). The only way i can remove this problem is opening CCleaner (it takes about 1-2 minutes), searching an issues, and "repair" the problem with ActiveX/COM. After this process my computer is running fast again for about few hours. Then the issue comes back, and i have to do same process. This problem is really upseting and makes me nervous so I am asking for Your help.
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