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  1. Cancelling it didn't cause double charge after I tried again. But trying again did the same thing. So I decided to buy it on the website instead. But, on the client was a deal to buy it for 24,99 Euro(or dollars or whatever), instead of 29,99. This deal was not on the website. Could that be the issue?
  2. It's on Windows 10, latest version 5.82.8950. I have not recieved and e-mail, the client is still stuck on "Customer Authentication", simply loading.
  3. Hi, So I was thinking of buying CCleaner Pro. But while I was checking out the client got stuck on Customer Authentication. I can see it's loading, but seems odd for it to load for several minutes. I don't want to shut the client down and then try to do it again and risk it paying double... Any suggestions?
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