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  1. Thank you. I did look for a support email address but here's what's at the bottom of the reminder emails: Contact us Product and technical support Email: support@ccleaner.com Order and payment support Find an answer to your question or submit a request here (https://support.piriform.com/hc/en-us). This link sent me down a rabbit hole instead of simply providing the same email address as above which I thought was ONLY for product and technical support. Unless you have an account in this forum, there's no way to access the required information about
  2. It seems to be impossible to contact the billing department to cancel subscription. I keep getting returned to the community forum where there isn't even an faq indicating how to do this. Not impressed. Thus I'm having do post this new topic. Please cancel subscription as I've uninstalled it and no longer use the product due to overbilling.
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