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  1. XH42


    Easy RealMedia Producer (http://www.realnetworks.com/products/producer/'>http://www.realnetworks.com/products/producer/'>http://www.realnetworks.com/products/producer/'>http://www.realnetworks.com/products/producer/) A very nice tool for people wanting to convert their movies and musics to RMVB, RM, ect. With tons of settings you can tweak. Much better than the Real Producer (http://www.realnetworks.com/products/producer/). It does not have restriction to codecs and is completely free.
  2. I've tried it before. It's got a lot of customizations in the option that you can do. Especially on DVD sections. A great DVD player (if you know how to configure it). I think it will work with the Nvidia DVD 2.5 (not sure about the name), which is also a dvd player. But I didn't want to give up on MPC so I uninstalled it.
  3. Hm... Maybe If anyone could recommend some easy interface softwares that could encode ac3 in 5.1 easily
  4. Diskeeper has been my favourite defragger ever, it moves files at 30MB/s for my 80 GB Hardrive while defragging. Heard that it even defrags paging files.
  5. XH42


    In my opinion WMP 10 is glitchy and slow, that's why I don't use it anymore. But there's nothing wrong if you are sticking with it.
  6. Virtualdub can split and join video file, but can only be saved in AVI format, same goes with Virtualdubmod.
  7. I'm starting to like foobar2000 as my favourite audio player and tagger. It has alot of plugins and features.
  8. None, not even with a manual. Logitech stops shipping manuals those in the box. I can not find bass under the Properties in Volume control. There is a option called "subwoofer". I clicked the "mute" button under it but it doesn't seem to do anything. Edited: Actually after I've restarted my computer I went to the advance setting again, and I see the "Bassboot" option. I can drag the thing and the bass volume decresed, but it cannot be muted. So I guess that's the best I can do?
  9. Hi everyone. I've just got this Logitech speakers for my computer, but I have a question: Is there a way to turn down (or mute if I have to) the bass that the subwoofer is producing? It seems like that the whole house could hear it (didn't expect that subwoofer to be that powerful). I turn the bass volume nob behind the subwoofer to zero, and it still have the bass get in out of the room. If I turn down the volum on the teskbar on my computer, then I couldn't hear anything. Is there a way or a software that can trun down only the subwoofer and not the other 5 speakers? Sorry about the Multiposting, I accidently click the post.. button three times, please delete them (or can I delte them)
  10. I've tried it, and honestly, it's pretty much the same as the firefox 1.06 version. There are plugins, themes and other extensions that wouldn't work for the Alpha Version. There's also some start up bugs with the one I've tried. I've uninstalled it within a few days due to those downsides, as least the old profiles from the firefox still there. So it doesn't matter which one I uninstall.
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