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  1. Unfortunately i have already reset my pc. But ccleaner no longer exists on my laptop (search in apps & features, search bar and can't find it) so what's done is done. The problem is resolved, but I appreciate the effort to help.
  2. if i remember correctly yes i have install the slim version about the earlier version, i tried 5.14 but it seems that my pc shows a box that says i need to use the latest version of it. might as well as reset my pc, i resetted it this morning so it wouldn't hurt to uninstall ccleaner by doing this (but i wonder does resetting my pc uninstalls ccleaner?)
  3. Hello guys. I am running on windows 10 64 bits and ccleaner free version v5.76.8296 (64-bit) I tried to uninstall it with many ways: 1)Using windows itself (Add or remove programs) 2)Using ccleaner itself 3)Using geek uninstaller 4)Using revo uninstaller 5)Using the uninst application in file explorer (the app to uninstall ccleaner) 6)Redownload another same version of ccleaner then uninstall 7)Uninstall in safe mode All 6 ways below doesn't work, still shows the error. (I don't have any restore points so using system restore is useless) So is there any other way to uninstall ccleaner? (if there is please provide instructions)
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