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  1. @Andavari: Thanks for the interesting facts. There's a very old saying: "Never change a winning team" or in computer terms "Never change a running system". I will NEVER understand why a perfect software/app/tool must be "improved" and new "features" must be added all the time, with the result that the formerly perfect product becomes partly or completely unusable (like Firefox/Mozilla when they launched Quantum). CCleaner was perfect and there was no need to change anything. Updates should only include hidden entries of new software in the registry or some minor bug fixes or speed/memory issue
  2. @Crni: I think it's useless to debate here and we're just wasting our time. It looks like nobody cares anyway. And we're even accused of using pirated serials or being from North Korea or being dumb, just because we use firewalls. The younger generations hardly know what a firewall is and does, let alone why people use it. Anyway, for the weekly maintenance of all my computers I use [competition software] I just keep (kept) CCleaner because it cleans automatically with 7/35 passes every time I close the browser (Waterfox with add-on Click&Clean). But after my experience here in the forum,
  3. @nukecad: The last part ("Fact is...") of my previous post is meant for Dave/CCleaner/Piriform/Avast, hence the vertical spacing. I thought that would be obvious even without an @. And the affected users of the delay didn't do anything themselves. They just happen to have the same configuration since before v5.66 when everything was working perfectly. And what about the users who don't even have internet access or turn it off when not needed? Are they supposed to just live with the delay or aren't even allowed to use CCleaner?
  4. @Crni: Thanks for the link, I didn't know that. But that was exactly the time when I had to start using the slim installer (see my first post) because Malwarebytes was blocking the normal installer. @nukecad: It doesn't matter if you or the developer think it's not a bug. It's up to the users to determine what's a bug. There are a lot of people out there with that delay problem. And most of them don't know about this forum or can't find it. Since 1-2 months they suddenly have a long delay every time they launch CCleancer. Do you think they say: "Oh, that must be my fault" or "Oh, I must h
  5. Thanks a lot for all the lengthy responses. To clarify: - With "slim-version" I meant that I couldn't use the normal installer anymore because of bloatware (or whatever) which was never included before. So a product was made delibaretely worse and less safe. - As for blocking connections: I don't want any app to communicate with the outer world unless absolutely necessary. "nukecad" mentioned the latest definition files for the AV. Yes, of course, they are absolutely necessary. But ONLY them. If they're updated 4-6 times daily (or even hourly) I don't need any cloud-based service and
  6. Same here: CCleaner takes about 10-20 seconds to start (which is even more annoying because I have set it up to start and clean automatically everytime I close the browser). So I have to wait and wait every time (even if I start CCleaner directly from the start menu or the desktop icon). I'm using CCleaner for 10-12 years now. When they started a couple years ago with telemetry/data-collecting I changed to the slim-version and blocked everything in the firewall. Everything was well until about 1-2 months ago. I thought it's a bug and they would fix it soon but it looks like it's the way t
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