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  1. Thank you so much for your help. I have done the steps, and found that some of the files were actually downloaded. Rather than mess around, I just started fresh, as I didn't see a spot where it stopped. So I did the process all over and set the date for 35 days. More than enough time. I selected all the green and yellows. Set skip for files already downloaded. 23 hours later... done. As for setting the update for later, it is not too late now for other times when I have lost work due to the updates, as now I know how to avoid the issue. Thanks again. Duhg
  2. I have scanned my Verbatim 1 TB usb external drive. After a number of hours, it showed me files that could be recovered. I started the process of recovering them a couple days ago. With about 84% recovered so far and about 10 hours to go, I was working on other stuff. I left the computer for a short bit and came back to my biggest fear. Because I am using Win 10, it did, I am assuming, an update, as the computer was in the restarted mode and all the programs I had open were closed. I did make a text file of the recoverable files. Is there a way to continue from the 84% or do I have to start all over again. Otherwise, I could just skip the last 15 %. Thank you for your help
  3. My eyes are really shot. I thought it was a "$" but it is a "S" So, after 12 hours, and only 59%, and 0 files recovered, I stopped it. Just woke up and saw your reply. Looked in the folder I was sending to and saw 3 SBadClus with 0 KB. Properties stated Size 0 bytes, and Size on disk 932 GB (1,000,845,197,312 bytes), Thanks for your reply and help. I will just skip all the files with the "S" in front followed by another capital letter that does not look like a file I had, as they are useless to me, if I am reading you correctly. Originally, my 1TB Verbatim external, took too many falls, and as soon as it started to make some rattling noises, I started the process of transferring files to another drive. I got side tracked, and just started up again.When I plugged the drive in, it showed nothing. 0 bytes, 931 gb free space. I made a folder and it recognizes the folder. That is where I stopped. I downloaded Recuva, and here I am again. Back in 2015, my XP PC died a blue screen death. I took the drive and attempted to recover files with Recuva. Puran seems to pop into mind. I will have to make another attempt with that file of info. Thank you very much for saving hours of time and getting nowhere.
  4. I have the same issue with a 1 TB drive requiring a 5 TB space requirement. Am in the midst of deleting all the red dots. Have 5 $BadClus 976,575,480 KB on a 1 TB drive? Guess that is why it wanted 5 TB of space. None are overwritten, 1 is not deleted and the other 4 are in excellent to recover. Supposedly, I deleted, or overwrote all the red ones, but still came up with the same #s.
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