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  1. I had tried that in previous attempts like I do using file explorer, and it didn't work those times. This time it did work and saved me a tremendous amount of time. According to the scroll bar, approximately 25% was unrecoverable. Thank you for suggesting I try it again. This time when I did the file discovery, it said I was going to need 16TB space to recover to. I spanned 2 x 8TB drives to be my backup so shouldn't have any trouble recovering to that.
  2. From my 8TB drive, Recuva was able to find over 10,000,000,000 files. There are a tremendous amount of unrecoverable files along with the good ones. I reorganized the files using the unrecoverable column. Is there a way to select a range of files or do you have to check or uncheck what to recover? I checked all and have been going through over 100 pages of unrecoverable unchecking individual files. I'm in the Z's starting from the bottom of the list. So I know there are probably thousands more of the unrecoverable files filling pages. I've been working on this since my first posting.
  3. Awesome Nergal. Thanks for that suggestion. I ended up spanning an 8TB & 4TB as a backup drive and recovered the drive having issues. That had been my main backup drive previously and had just had it fail a SMART test recently. So just needed to get everything off of it before it failed anmd couldn't.
  4. Recuva scanned my 8TB drive and found 7,452 GB of files and folders. I tried to recover the contents to a new 8TB drive. I'm getting the message: "Insufficient disk space! Available: 7,452 GB Necessary: 11,142 GB. Do you want to change the destination folder?" What do I need to do to recover the 8TB to my new 8 TB?
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