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  1. I downloaded the full version and that runs. As I understand it it will convert to the free version after two weeks.
  2. Try and download the free version of 5.65. Yes, it shows.
  3. I disabled auto-protect on Norton as the only way to do more would be to uninstall it. No change. I went to file-hippo and the only older versions available are the professional ones. I did try a trial version of 5.65 and it did open. So it seems the free version is somewhat crippled at this time and will exhibit what I've seen on some systems. Thanks for trying. I've been using this for many years and this is the first and probably last failure.
  4. It did install the icon on the desktop and all the files in C:\Program Files. Clicking on either the 64 or the 32 bit ccleaner.exe results in the failure I'm describing. My Win7 user account is set up to "Notify me only when programs try to make changes to my computer" and I'm accustomed to seeing a message asking me for permission when that occurs but I get nothing when trying to start CC. I'm wondering if the only setting that will allow it to run would be Never Notify and I can not allow that given the lack of support for W7.
  5. 5.67 exhibits the same behavior, i.e. it won't run. I'm using Norton IS and I excluded CCleaner from it's monitoring but that made no difference. As to what was on the previous drive I'm unsure if 5.66 or a predecessor.
  6. Well I did that with the identical results. Will not open or run.
  7. I've used this for years without issues. I replaced my main drive with an SSD and installed v566, which will not open or run at all. The little circle starts up then stops and absolutely nothing happens. The installation does show up in the Start menu but that is all that the installation accomplished. This system uses Win7Pro.
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