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  1. Ya know...I would almost believe you except I am on a fresh install of Windows. After going through all the crap of updates from 1607 or something like that I must have picked up the malware on this forum because the same thing is happening. It is not a malware...at least not a malicious malware. On the old system I had McAfee, Windows Defender and Malware Bytes....now you tell me I have malware even though I get the same result with a fresh install of Windows. I am going back to my backup and unless I can get an answer to this problem whether it is something on my machine on something wrong w
  2. All good...will figure it out...if not there are other capable programs. Thanks for the help!
  3. Actually when windows was reloaded it did not have an AV and CCleaner was not doing its thing. It all started with the latest windows update to v.1909. Nothing should have been interfering with CCleaner. It happens on both CCleaner browser and Firefox browser, no difference. Second check...Tor Browser and Opera both have the same effect as CCleaner and Firefox Browsers...
  4. That was obvious so I removed the screen shots. Please see my edited post. By the way the reason I joined in this post was because of the first post....I was not the only one at the time. The person that started the post apparently has not posted again.
  5. Task manager shows that CCleaner is not running. Just noticed something...after a reboot and if I open a browser and subsequently close it CCleaner will work as expected. If I re-open a browser and then close it the CCleaner icon flashes a couple times but does not clean. Then, as before if I run the cursor over the icon in the taskbar it disappears and is not in the overflow area and it does not clean the browser. Bottom line, it works one time as expected after a reboot. Just did more research and found that if either a Task Manager window is open or if CCleaner window is open CCle
  6. Let me reiterate what I have already said and actually seen....believe it or not.....the problem started after the windows update to v.1909. CCleaner worked fine prior to that update. I do not have and not had any problems with the windows update. It definitely was an improvement for the gui aspect of windows.
  7. CCleaner settings: Options > Settings > Run CCleaner when the computer starts - checked Options > Smart Cleaning - checked Options > Advanced > Close program after a Custom Clean - not checked Options > Advanced > Minimize to System Tray - checked And no....the icon is not moved to the overflow area. CCleaner completely closes. I can tell this by opening it and doing a scan and seeing what should have been removed was still not cleaned. Have to perform a manual clean. I appreciate your thoughts...but you have not come up with anything yet
  8. Done the uninstall/install several times....not the problem. It seems real clear that it started with the windows update. Is Piriform going to address or work with microsoft to address? If not, for me it is one of the main reasons I liked it and if it does not work then CCleaner does not work for me. I have also re-installed windows. CCleaner works prior to windows v.1909
  9. McAfee is complete and up to date. Do not believe the problem is being caused by McAfee. CCleaner worked fine prior to the Windows 10 update from 1706 to 1909. Once Windows was updated to v.1909 the tray icon no longer works. It just disappears when a browser closes, it starts to clean then quits with no confirmation. If you run the cursor over top of the CCleaner icon in the system tray it then disappears. Hopefully the next update for windows will fix the issue as it appears Piriform is not interested. Won' t renew if it is not fixed one way or the other.
  10. CCleaner icon disappears from the system tray and no longer has its automatic functionality unless you reopen CCleaner and leave it open on the desktop. Running Windows 10 with latest updates and using McAfee antivirus. This has been happening ever since Microsoft updated from v.1703 to the latest version, which has been several months maybe a year now. Additionally using CCleaner v.5.66.7716 and Windows 10 v.1909.
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