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  1. Mike, are you seeing the history under the "history tab" or view, sidebar, history?
  2. I just cleared it....I changed the sidebar view from "site" to "date", closed FF ran CC, open FF and change back to "site" and they are all cleared. This sounds like a FF bug to me.... Dennis, thanks again for the help, I wouldn't have thought to change the view, if I hadn't read the info at that link.
  3. Thanks for the help, Dennis. I did find one interesting tidbit from the link that you gave me. If you display the sidebar history on anything but "Site" they all disappear. Weird...Well, at least I know how to prevent it from happening and I really don't have anything to hide, so I'm just gonna leave it.
  4. The suggestions on that site will all work, unless you have previously used CC to clean history first. It appears that once CC is run to clear history, FF doesn't even know that those Items remain on the sidebar, because right click, delete won't even work. CC cleans the history under the history tab, but not in the sidebar view.
  5. Yes, I agree that the idea is to not have any history, but I would like to know how to delete the history that I have. I also wonder why I can delete it in FF but when I run CC it still shows up in the sidebar. Edit...All In One Sidebar is an add-on...but I uninstalled it and am only viewing the FF sidebar.
  6. Yes, your setup would prevent the problem from happening. But if you set FF to keep history, I bet that you will see what I am seeing... I have mine set similar to yours now, and it prevents any more from showing up in the sidebar, but I still cant delete the others.. I don't believe this is a settings issue...If you keep your history in FF and then run CC to delete the history, reopen FF and open the sidebar, I bet that you will see it. You would have to tick "Remember Browsing history" (for at least a day) and untick clear history when close..
  7. Hmmm...the add-on is not the problem..Change your settings so that FF will not delete the history. Then open a couple of pages, click history and then make sure that they show up. Close FF and run CC making sure that CC cleans the FF history. Open FF and click on history and the history will be clear...If you click on View, Sidebar, history, I bet you will see what I'm talking about.
  8. Dennis, I think that I have it worked out...sorta. I am using the add-on "all in one sidebar" and was viewing the history there. CC does indeed clear the history in FF, but wont clear the history in the sidebar. I don't know if this is a FF problem CC problem, or sidebar problem. I upgraded CC the same day that I upgraded FF and it was all working fine before that, when CC deleted FF history i could no longer see it in the sidebar. I have a strong suspicion that the problem is with the sidebar, because it wont even let me turn off the history viewer in the sidebar. Gonna try to uninstall
  9. FYI, Mine is doing the same thing...If you delete the history in FF "before" you run CC, then the history will delete. If you run CC first, it will delete the history associated with the site that you visited but will not delete the folder/domain name that you visited, and you can't even do a manual delete in FF. I tried changing settings in FF to never remember history, and still no luck.
  10. Same thing happened to me after upgrading to Firefox 3.5. I finally did a clean install of CC and that resolved my problem.
  11. I don't see it as broken. If you use session restore, and want the entire session to be restored, then you would also need any cookies from the previous session, for it to "completely" restore. If you install the addon TabMix, it will allow you to delete previous sessions before you exit FF and the cookies will be cleaned.
  12. I think that I figured it out...LOL. Are you using TabMIX? If you are, TabMIx is saving sessions and cookies. If you open the session manager and delete the sessions, and the run CC, you will see that the cookies are indeed cleaned. If you aren't using TabMix, it is probably the built in session manager of FF that is keeping the cookies.
  13. I'm using the same FF build and the same CC build and I just noticed the same thing. CC says that it has deleted the cookies, but FF still shows them.
  14. I used to have a program that would do just that. It was packaged with an uninstaller (Cleansweep, I think), and I think it was written by Norton or Symantec. It would move any aplication, without the need to reinstall.
  15. JamesM

    IE 7 Toolbar

    Anthony, I did a little playin around with it and if you add more icons, mine will let me move the grippie further to the left every time I add an additional icon. Also makes a difference if you have "all text", "selective text", or 'show only icons" selected. James
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