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  1. Well said. Thanks again for your time and explanation.
  2. Thanks for that great explanation. I guess Im too paranoid. I really like the Password Manager, except when this particular incident happened. I must seriously contemplate your suggestions. Thanks again.
  3. Im not sure if there is a tool in CCleaner that might help or not. I have a password manager, and every time I log into it, I receive an email saying that "they dont recognize me or Im either on a new device", which Im not, and when you click the provided link in that email they send to verify, it shows a different IP address from mine. I have run a full system scan, updated everything I can think of. Is there any tools in CCleaner that can help me with issue ? Should I be concerned ? Thanks
  4. Well Andavari, Norton Tool Removal didnt want to work. It was giving me an error message after several attempts. I downloaded Revo Uninstaller and its like it forced the Norton Uninstaller to work, and it did...yeah !!! Anyway, now that its been uninstalled, I still have the Norton password icon next to all my Username/Password fill in spots. Any clue as to what the file description/name might be, or how to further remove it ? Thanks Update: As pure luck would have it, I just found my issue I believe. My problem was found in the small icons in the top right corner of my window, and I believe they are called extensions. I removed them but this makes me wonder why they werent removed to begin with and what else might not be removed that I cant see. Ive searched uninstall programs but dont see anything else at this time. Thanks
  5. Sounds good and thanks for the help. My problem is that I probably wont be able to recognize any files, should there be any remaining (hidden), that are not clearly marked as Im not very computer savvy.
  6. Thanks hazelnut. I do already have that link saved ready to go. However, I asked my question because of reviews in a web search indicating that the Norton removal tool is not absolute at times. Thanks again.
  7. If I decide to cancel Norton, then my question is will there be step(s) that someone might help me take with using CCleaner, to make sure Norton is completely removed ? Thanks
  8. Thank you very much ! I cant believe how helpful and easy you made this for me so far. My wife and I do remember that the search box did work prior to me performing actions that it sounds like I shouldnt have done. However, you mentioned about clicking the Start icon, then I clicked Settings, then start typing, and this seems to accomplish the same results, and to be a perfect alternative to my dilemma, if things dont return to the way it was...thank goodness. Also thank you for explaining what tools I should NOT be performing in the future and why. My version is 1809 Im going to assume you would prefer that I continue to update my Windows 10 now before trying anything else...right ? Thank you much for the reply and instructions. I guess it sounds like Im in bad need of an update. Thanks again and Im going to try that and see what happens.
  9. First off Im not very computer savvy, hence my problem. I have an older laptop with Windows 8, and I recently bought a new laptop that has Windows 10. I first downloaded CCleaner on my Windows 8 laptop and in the order I executed the following from top to bottom: I first performed (1)"Health Check", I next then selected (2)"Custom Clean" and didnt change any of the selected check marks and then clicked "Run Cleaner" for both Windows and Applications. Next under (3)"Registry" I clicked "Scan for Issues" then "Fix Selected Issues" and it then asked me if I wanted to make a backup and I selected "No" and continued. Last under (4)"Tools" I selected "Driver Wipe" and I check marked both the drives C and D, and performed a "Simple Overwrite (1 pass)" I then started to check out all my saved favorites and passwords and I was happy with how much faster my old laptop with Windows 8 was working, so I decided to download CCleaner on my new laptop with Windows 10, and then performed the same steps I just mentioned above, with the only exception was the last step of "Driver Wipe" because it only gave the single option of the C drive, so I selected that one, and again I did exactly the same steps as mentioned above. So after that I started checking out my Windows 10 favorites, email, etc...when later I noticed in the very bottom left corner, in the Start Search box, it will not search for anything I enter. Im not really sure if something else is wrong in addition, or at least that Ive not noticed yet, but Im not very familiar with navigating Windows 10. Can someone please tell me what I did wrong, how I might can fix it, or what else to look for ? Thanks.
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