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  1. Please issue a full refund for my annual subscription! You seem to have no interest in making it easy for your users to understand and use your software. Enough said. Once notification of the refund is received, I will remove your software and destroy the documentation that would have helped me use your software correctly.
  2. It is hard to believe your wrote the above comment. First, you know nothing about how I will use the information, or share it. Second, according to your view, why document anything?!? All of life is change, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to learn at any point in time. The logical conclusion to your argument: Why get an education? It will become out of date. As a retired CFO, Director of Finance, Controller, documentation has been one of my secrets to success. Documentation is how you retain knowledge within an organization despite turnover and change happening all the time. Of course, you have to keep documentation current. The errors NOT made, thanks to documentation, can never be counted, but the benefit is real. Back in the 1960's I took every computer class I could in college. The IBM 1620 was in the Mathematics Department. Those lone two classes gave me my IT foundation, and got me a systems engineering job at IBM, even though I don't use any of that information directly today. In fact, according to you, why document the complexity of any program. They will all be updated (or cease to exist). You might pass on your advice to the CClearner developer. Tell them to throw out all their documentation! By the way, the Word document is 75 pages long. It would have been nice if I could have printed the document file rather than spending the hours I did creating my own .docx file. But it is done, and I have a place to easily find information on CCleaner Professional. Gary-in-Texas, MBA, CPA, and Lt. Colonel, US Army Reserves (Ret)
  3. Yes. Each link is a short post with other links. I don't want to have to copy/paste all these links into a Word document. I would like to print the complete CCleaner Professional documentation so I can read it as I use CCleaner Professional. Where is a CCleaner Professional manual?
  4. Yes, I do know about the on-site documentation of a zillion links. Can you point me to, or send me, the documentation so I can print it out?
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