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  1. Downloaded program from scratch, which asked for license key and name. All went well and now it's at 5.8
  2. I'm having a problem trying to update CCleaner Pro to version 5.80. I click on check for updates, update now, the progress bar goes to 100% then nothing happens. The update program closes but the program does not restart. When I open the program again, it's still at 5.79. Suggestions?
  3. Apparently, this is not an error. This is what I just received from support. The error you are seeing is a mislabeling of a different message which should show there are no apps to be updated on your PC as the Security feature in Health Check does not support any of the apps on your PC. This mislabeling will be corrected in the next update to CCleaner until this issue is resolved you can use the Software Updater function in CCleaner as this performs the same function as Security under Health Check.
  4. Yes, I assumed that but it can't be a connection issue. If you can reach the registration server, that means the internet connection is working. The health check server is accessible by my one PC so that means the server is reachable. Why can't my other two PC's reach it?
  5. It's not an internet connection issue. If you check your registration key, it finds that just fine so it's not a connection issue.
  6. Just by chance, do you have the same key for all 3 PC's? I'm wondering if there's a bug in the program where it only works on 1 PC if you have multiple PC's on the same key. It works on the PC that was upgraded first but not the other 2. Just a thought.
  7. I turned the firewall off and it still won't connect. Sounds like a bug in the program.
  8. No difference in router rules about blocking anything. 1st laptop on Wifi, 2nd laptop and desktop on Ethernet. Only PC that can access server is desktop.
  9. Tried on 2nd laptop, getting same error. If it helps, desktop and 2nd laptop on Ethernet, first laptop on Wifi.
  10. I'm getting the same problem on one laptop but another desktop works fine.
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