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  1. Thank You Trium. I appreciate your help, and your answers. And of course my screen resolution only goes to 1600x900 so nothing smaller. I guess until Avast decides to make the size of CCleaner adjustable we will have to use one that is TOOOOOO big!!
  2. Maybe this is a dumb question for real computer type smart people? For me, the REALLY Not techy type it isnt. ;) Ive been using CCleaner for Many years and love it. I have three laptops and it is on all of them. But on the smaller screens it takes up 3/4+ of the screen when I open it. :( I can grab it to move it left & right (that does Not resize it) but if I try to grab a corner to make it smaller in size I cant get to the corner because it IS to big on the screen. AND when I try to move it up to "grab" the corner it doesnt stay up it just "jumps" back down again. Ive tried to grab
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