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  1. Having same problem. Mac laptop (M2) running Sonoma. Would not launch but did uninstall using the "Contents" hint. However on iMAC, ccleaner launches but WILL NOT uninstall. What is happening here?
  2. I close all my browsers first. I then try and clean browser data, however the CLEAN button is grayed out. So I start my browser, and rerun "clean browser". The CLEAN button is now active but of course CCleaner complains about a browser running and I have to let it "close the app" (my browser) -- and then it cleans my browser data. Is this normal behavior?
  3. Not a huge deal to be sure although it does seem like an easy configuration option to say "do both". Anyway not a show-stopper and thanks for the quick response.
  4. Am I missing a configuration setting? Seems like it's not a two-step process to clean my mac with the new CCleaner. Clutter and browser data are under two different menu options requiring me to clean each individually. The old version only required one mouse click.
  5. Just curious since I am relatively new to Mac. With Windows I would get an update to CCleaner every few weeks but I have not gotten an update to CCleaner on Mac since I bought it a month ago. Is this just a function of MacOS not needed updates as often, or does Piniform not pay as much attention to Mac? Thanks.
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