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  1. NOTE- A new thread started has been merged into this existing one to keep the issue in one place. (Nukecad). Hi, As already discussed here, CCleaner is to launching for a number of Mac users. I uploaded my console output here, maybe that helps. I would appreciate it, if some of your developers could look into it. This issue has been persisting for a while. I am of course using the latest version and uninstalled and reinstalled the app several times. Thanks, Julius
  2. @Nergal@nukecad@DaveJustDave Still no news on this? CC still doesn't launch.
  3. I tried running CCleaner as administrator. Doesn't help, the app is not launching. Is anyone looking into that?
  4. Would you please forward the issue to some who does
  5. @Nergal Still no news on this? It's been a while
  6. Wow! I could maybe understand this if your software worked well. Yet since weeks it doesn't even launch...
  7. Can someone recommend good and not too expensive alternatives to CCleaner?
  8. No, I would like to use the latest version. I just deleted CCleaner and reinstalled version 2.09.187 from the link you provided. It's not launching.
  9. @nukecad @Laurence CCleaner Will this get fix anytime soon or should I start looking for an alternative tool?
  10. I already tried that and gave up on the idea after I lost too much time without any result
  11. Here it doesn't. I just re-download and re-installed CCleaner and the issue persists. The installation file says it is version 2.9 but does not specify sub-versions
  12. I’m not entirely sure this issue is related to Sonoma
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