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  1. Sonartech; 100% agree w/your sandwich comment. (So 'turd' is acceptable on this forum rather than the alternative?! Good to know! ) Totally agree with all you mention. Matter of fact, the info you have provided throughout this thread has been invaluable, i.e., you were the one who pretty much interpreted the much awaited/anticipated explanation given by one of the mods regarding this 'sandwich'. Thanks for sharing your research and comments.
  2. Just joined this forum as I feel the need to chime in. Not only did Cleverbridge think the product had a lifetime license, so did newegg.com. I have been purchasing from newegg for 10 years, I've always read their Q&A about products and I've never known of their support to give out incorrect info. On Sept. 24, 2015, Newegg Support answered the licensing question stating, "This is a one time payment." (See screenshot.) I contacted Ccleaner support in December 2019 regarding this issue, sent them the link to the Q&A page on newegg and sent a screenshot. The response (which to
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