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  1. Thank you Sir, but that has disabled because you told me to do that process already.
  2. I want to thank Nergal, hazelnut, trium; and nucad for your aid. Unfortunately, none of these instructions have resolved the issue. trium, I have the free version. Hopefully, it will be a simple fix. I have completed each of the instructions to no avail.
  3. Big thank you to Truim. Very clear, although after following your instructions: ccleaner -> tools -> startup done tab windows -> is there any ccleaner entry? none tab sheduled tasks -> is there any ccleaner entry? one if yes -> select the ccleaner entry -> look on the right side -> disable or delete deleted Result: After restart CC
  4. No boxes are checked. Each time I turn my PC on CCleaner starts, still.
  5. I have unchecked the "Run at startup" box. Where might I find "smart monitoring" to turn it off, please?
  6. Would someone please assist me. I have unchecked boxes, but it still continues. I have a Dell PC with Windows 10 upgrade.
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