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  1. Thanks, but I'm confused. I thought CCEnhancer was just a GUI for the winapp2ool.exe tool and downloaded the most recent winapp2.ini ? I just used it and it downloaded v191203, which is the same version that I got from your link?
  2. I appreciate the help, but I don't think the volume would change while something was playing. I think it would have to be stopped and then started again. I just open the volume mixer and when I see the System Sounds slider jacked up to almost 50% I know it's been affected again. I also failed to mention that I'm using (and have been using for quite a while) the CCEnhancer thing that gives you a lot more boxes to tick under the Applications tab. I'm sure it's something in the Windows section that I ticked. I'll figure it out eventually. I disabled CCEnhancer and when back to "stock," set my volume controls how I wanted them, ran CCleaner, and everything was fine afterwards.
  3. No, sorry. I'm using Windows 7, and when I said the volume gets reset after using CCleaner, I meant it gets louder. I have the System Sounds slider set very low, and after using CCleaner it gets reset to somewhere between 40-50%. The same thing happens with the sliders for several other programs I use. It never used to do this, and I'm pretty sure it's the result of me ticking one of the many boxes in the Custom Clean section. I may have to go through the process of elimination and un-tick them until I find the culprit if someone doesn't know which one it is.
  4. I've gotten pretty aggressive in what I have ticked in the Custom Clean section. One of them resets the Windows Volume Control settings, and I'd like it to *not* do that. Could someone please tell me what I need to un-tick to accomplish this? Thanks.
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