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  1. The truth about this software is that it lacks a lot of the basic functions. The developer and the whole company are asses. When something goes wrong they will blame the customer. They advertise the problem is the so called Outlook Express replacement and yet they will advertise it works with an operating system and when their program crashes, they blame the customer. They will release a 3.0 Beta to trick people and then make changes to the final version that will crash your system. They make these moronic comments and assume that everyone is the same in their made up world. They screw up your computer, they want more money to fix the problem they cause. They will bash the customer left and right in their illusions. They give you this long winded excuse to cover the fact that their software plainly doesnt work and they caused the problem. They updgraded the access database which is has nothing to do with anything but yet they blame you the customer. version .05 worked fine with beta 3.0 and then they upgraded to .06 and everything crashed leaving you in the hands of these thieves. Downloaded version 3.0 release and this is what they respond : " accept my explanation so I won't even bother. Only when you will care to listen, I will care to explain" Will never pay for a paid version now ever recommend this to our clients. We're in the process of calling Microsoft directly and having their legal department meet with ours on suing this company for bait and switch and pocking fun at microsoft for something that they are trying to cash in on! They advertise it works with a complete line of operating systems, and then when something doesnt work, they blame you the customer, make all these idiotic moronic conclusions that they know what every computer in the entire world is running, they advertise one thing and then go back on what they boast about left and right. Total Crooks! Since day one, we've been dealing with the attitude problem the owner of this wanna be company has! And when you want support, you click on the support button, you get a message thats says "PAY UP TO VERSION 3.0" Zvonko Tesic your an arrogant crook! Fix is or get sued!
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