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  1. You missed my point . . . I was asking about current features . . . not reporting a bug . . . big difference.
  2. Well, it looks like Zvonko is almost all there. Too bad he didn't properly implement default mail program capabilities years ago when people first asked for it. Clearly he didn't agree with the advantages of that capability - - even though all his competition did. I have detailed the necessary capabilities to him but he kept demanding I upgrade without saying if the upgrade will do what I was talking about. That's what I call ignoring the comments. Also he kept saying without upgrading, he will not talk "support". Aggravating how he equates "support" to a simple question of capabilities. Why have I been complaining? Because OEC can be so much better and those that just accept what was doled out are facilitating the delays.
  3. I have been asking Zvonko Tesic if he can actually run his OEClassic as the default mail client as he wants to claim and he refuses to answer. Making me suspect that he is lying to his customers. Matter of fact, he keeps insisting that I upgrade to the latest version before he will provide "support". He fails to comprehend I'm only trying to determine what his product can and can not do. Irritatingly he calls that support and refuses to give a clear answer. Even Microsoft is not that arrogant.
  4. It would really be nice if the OEC developers would quit fiddling around with the nickel dime stuff and make some serious improvements . . . like being able to act as the default mail client. . . . Give us updates with usable features . . . not new bugs.
  5. Has this thing been made able to be the default mail program yet ?. . . or doesn't OEClassic want to be a users "go to" mail program ?
  6. I keep seeing announcements of updated versions but i also notice two things 1) the updates listed seem to be repeats from previous updates and 2) the updates are mostly small stuff. It would be better to wrap up all that small stuff in quarterly updates instead of continually hyping the product. What would be really appreciated would be production and usability stuff . . . like being the default email program. Looks like priorities are out of order.
  7. There are a lot of applications that use the "default email program" as a "send to" destination like QuickBooks and Peachtree Accounting for sending invoices. Since Outlook Express Classic is not able to do that, it is just another "also ran" email client in the business world and a lot of the personal world. So if you are looking for just another "play toy" then OEC is a good choice.
  8. Here it is on the eve of 2020 and they still can't make OEC the default email program.You have to ask what they consider a priority. He's more interested in making you pay for an upgrade than fixing a problem. (and the upgrade still doesn't fix the problem and he knows it)
  9. It's a shame that Microsoft killed Outlook Express. The only problem it had was it's inability to handle mail folders much larger than about 1.6 GB. It would lock up and quietly loose emails without notice when compacting. Everything else worked just fine as an email program.
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